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Lord and Fogleman Families, by Clyde W. Lord
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Elijah's and Irene's son John O'Quin Fogleman married Anna Allie Keller.  Elijah's and Irene's son Elijah Louis Fogleman Jr. (Louis) married Lou (Lula) Adeline Keller.  Allie and Lula were daughters of John Willard Keller and Anna Lou Pickett Keller.

The John Willard Keller - Anna Lou Pickett Keller Family
Keller Pickett Family

Keller Pickett Family - Photo Key

The pastor of Big Cane (Louisiana) Baptist Church was John O'Quinn, a maternal great grandfather of Allie and Lula Keller.  John O'Quinn officiated the wedding ceremony of Elijah Louis Fogleman and Irene Montgomery and also the wedding ceremony of  John O. Fogleman and Allie Keller.

The Reverend John O'Quinn
   John O'Quinn

John O. Fogleman and Allie Keller Fogleman family home in Pollock, Louisiana
  J. O. Fogleman Home in Pollock

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